Experienced, modern, and always caring

The Leesburg Dentists, providing Generational Family Care.


Experienced, modern, and always caring

The Leesburg Dentists, providing Generational Family Care.


Our Ultimate Mission is Your Health.

The Leesburg Dentists was originally started in 1986 by Dr. Robert Fuller, a Leesburg native and his wife, Dr. Joy Spencer-Fuller. The office has undergone two expansions and added Dentists with varying skills to provide the best dental care possible to our “family” of patients.

The mission of The Leesburg Dentist’s team is to always provide the highest quality of comprehensive dental care and education in a casual, yet professional, modern, clean, family-oriented atmosphere. We strive to make every experience in our office a positive one. Ultimately, our goal is to develop lifelong relationships with you and your family in order to maintain optimum oral health through the years.

Many of our staff have been with us well over 25 years and stay current and up to date to provide industry leading care.

The oral cavity is the entry way and starting point to over all body health. An unhealthy mouth can lead or is a sign of deeper systemic health issues. We at the Leesburg Dentists believe that helping you maintain a healthy mouth is vital in warding off disease and maintaining bodily well being.

Smile, smile, smile! One of your first impressions you will give of yourself whether in person or online, is your smile. Healthy gums, attractive teeth, and, for some, lip volume. create and represent the healthy confident person you are. We will present treatment options to achieve optimum dental health and esthetics. This allows you to chose the level of care and desired appearance.

The Leesburg Dentists provide a wide variety of services, however, there are cases where we work closely with specialists in the area. This collaboration is done in order to always give you and your family the best of care.

Taking care of All
Your Family

Our Team

The Leesburg Dentists takes pride in our experienced, skilled and caring staff. Our knowledgeable team will assist you in maximizing your insurance benefits.

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Sterile yet comfortable relaxed setting

The instruments that are used in our practice under the following after every use.

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Quality Control Systems

The Leesburg Dentists take your health and our staff’s health seriously….

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Our Services

What we offer

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Comprehensive Preventative Care

At The Leesburg Dentists we take pride in providing a thorough complete initial dental exam for all our patients.

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Restorative Dentistry

Teeth with sufficient supporting tooth structure that have decay or are chipped or have minor cracks are restored with composite material (white fillings).

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Cosmetics Dentistry

Everyone notices a nice healthy beautiful smile. The Leesburg Dentists provide Invisalign to correct crowding and alignment issues.

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Sedation Dentistry

The Leesburg Dentists offer ways to help those that have always struggled with dental appointments.

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Oral Surgery/Implants

The Dental Implant is the closest thing to a real tooth that modern dentistry has to offer for a lost tooth or teeth.

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TMJ / Facial Aestheics

Many individuals grind or clench their teeth. This unconscious habit causes extreme stress on teeth…

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Endodontics/Root Canals

Teeth can need a root canal for several different reasons. If the tooth is acutely infected such as an abscess, or chronically inflamed

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Periodontal Disease is a leading cause of adult tooth loss. Calculus (tartar), plaque (bacterial colonies) and toxins accumulate around and under the gum.

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Your Oral health and Smile start Here

Our Healthier Patients

The Leesburg Dentists take pride in providing you many dental services without leaving the comfort of our trusted team. We take your health and smile seriously. We want to give you reasons to smile!


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